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Coffee, Lattes & More

We're proud to serve locally sourced coffee. We offer natural syrup flavors with

Amoretti Flavors. We also offer a clean energy drink if coffee is not your thing! 

Lotus Energy Plant based energy harmonizes with the human system to naturally restore energy levels from Earth's most powerful plants without sacrificing your health. 

Located off the front right of the marketplace, our coffee bar is the perfect complement to an afternoon strolling through our shop. We offer more than just coffee and energy though! We have Chai, Matcha, and seasonal beverages as well! 

Everyone needs something to sip on while shopping! Our Baristas can create anything from black coffee or a latte, to something even more spectacular! Stop by our coffee bar on the way in and see what we have to offer. 

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What is Fresh Pressed Juice?
Juicing is essentially getting all the nutrients of fresh fruits and vegetables without the fiber.  By only consuming the freshly extracted juice without the fiber, the body can digest it easier, therefore absorbing more vitamins and minerals that the body needs. 

BENEFITS OF JUICING: Better Nutrient Absorption, Clean Energy, Good Gut Bacteria, Lower Cholesterol, Detoxification, Lower Blood Sugar Levels, Better Skin, Better Athletic Performance, Better Immune Function

What is a Smoothie?  

A smoothie means to blend the whole fruit or vegetable in a blender typically with a liquid and ice.  

BENEFITS OF BLENDING:  Increased Energy, improved digestion, Boost Immune System, Healthy Bones, Build Muscle and Improve Athletic Performance!


The Green Leaf along with its employees does not make any claims to heal, cure, treat, or prevent any illness or disease.  Please seek professional advice from a Licensed Medical Professional.

Winter Drink Menu

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